Articles written by Dr. Glen Bobker


“Nature-Deficit Disorder”: A Relevant Health Concern

Life on earth evolved to thrive in natural environments. It is becoming more and more apparent that a wide range of human physical and emotional ailments result from our disconnection from the power of nature. One can say that our genes are most compatible with the natural environment. The term "nature-deficit disorder", ( coined by the author, Richard Louv), is used here to explain the fact that in modern society our dissociation and alienation from things natural has negative health consequences. This relevant and important health concern is slow to be recognized or accepted by the medical community.

Here are some scientifically accepted examples of how deviation from nature in our modern environment is unhealthy to human health:
1) The overconsumption of industrially altered processed (loaded with salt, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics) foods which are cumulatively unhealthy to our bodies.

2) Lack of exposure to natural sunlight, which results in deficiency of vitamin D, a nutrient of vital importance for bone , brain, and immune health.
The lack of exposure to natural light during the day and overexposure to artificial light at night will disrupt biorhythms (circadian rhythms) interfering with our sleep, moods, and energy.

3) An increasingly altered from nature water supply loaded with dissolved man-made pollutants (including prescription drugs) are cumulatively toxic to our health.

4) A lack of direct physical contact with the earth in our post-industrial modern society. We are no longer tied to the earth. With our computers, iPads, smart phones we do not need to go outside anymore. We are surrounded by concrete, steel, pavement, drive automobiles and walk in shoes. All of which serves to deprive us of proper exposure to earth's pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), a biologically vital component to the health and wellness of all 75 trillion cells of our bodies .The importance of the earth's PEMF in health and wellness is scientifically established and gaining more prominence as technical devices and equipment that emulate this natural energy are clinically used to treat the body. As a chiropractic physician utilizing this vital energy medicine in practice, I can attest to its powerful pain reducing, healing and wellness impact.

Here are some health tips for our modern lives:
1) Consume foods that are as close to nature as possible! Go with organic ,unprocessed whole (nutrient-rich) foods. They are a healthier match for our biology.

2) Drink water that is as close to nature as possible. Modern tap water is loaded with harmful chemicals and thus consider purchasing a water purification system that closely duplicates earth's best spring (mineral-rich) water.

3) Spend more time outside in nature and in natural light. More time spent in natural light will improve our sleep, energy and moods as well as our vital natural vitamin D stores. In our modern lives we rarely go outside anymore. While skin cancer in sunny climates is a concern, one can still be covered up and benefit from natural light exposure.

4) Get a daily dose of health in the form the earth's pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF). Lay down on the grass, beach or stand barefoot on the earth daily for approximately 1 hr. twice a day. This behavior will serve to charge all the cells of the body with energy provided by the earth's natural energizing force field. If this prescription is too impractical to apply there are quality high-tech devices available that emulate the earth's PEMF. The value and importance of exposure to earth's PEMF for our health and well-being has been studied and verified by NASA, the Russian space program, as well as the world scientific community. In fact, all space suits and space capsules are equipped with a high-tech device that supplies this vital health enhancing energy in biologically friendly frequencies/intensities that match the earth's. My patients, my family, and I have found this revolutionary high-tech "energy medicine", now available for clinical and home use, to be invaluable at improving wellness. To learn more

In summary, as Albert Einstein said- "Look Deep Into Nature and Understand Everything Else Better". As modern human beings, we tend to forget that we are tied to nature and that our health and well-being are compatible and interdependent with it.