Some jobs are more hazardous than others, but hardly any job is totally safe. Even if there are no physical hazards, the repetitive motions of typing or the tension you can harbor in your muscles when dealing with hostile customers can cause damage over time that eventually turns into injuries and other problems. So whether you have a job with a manual component or whether you work from your own personal office every day, you'll need to look out for signs that your body is under too much strain. 

Going to the chiropractor regularly can help you deal with the stress and minimize its effects, making you less likely to develop injuries and helping you to heal naturally when you have pain or other symptoms. Here are three signs that your job might send you to a chiropractor.

Chronic or Acute Pain

This symptom is one of the most obvious ones, so let's get it out of the way first. Pain is the body's way of letting you know that things really aren't okay and something may be terribly wrong. Of course, pain could just mean you've broken a nail, but if you don't know where your pain is coming from and why and you don't have a treatment plan, you shouldn't take it lightly.

Taking pain seriously is especially important if you're experiencing pain related to the musculoskeletal system. Back pain and neck pain can be symptoms of problems such as subluxations that can worsen considerably if ignored, so taking the hint and going to the chiropractor right away is by far the best option.

Hand or Arm Problems

Whether you work at an assembly-line job, type at a desk all day or work in a trade such as construction, you can't do without your hands. But they're so necessary that they're also likely to take the brunt of strain in the workplace, meaning that even if you don't bludgeon them with a blunt instrument, your hands can develop injuries through overuse or careless use.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a popular example of an injury that can develop over time if you use your hands a lot; it can be due to bad posture or sometimes just because you're pregnant or have a genetic predisposition for it. Carpal tunnel is a nerve problem, but it's only one of many that can occur between your hands and your central nervous system.

Ulnar nerve problems can also develop in the wrist or elbow due to bad posture, and thoracic outlet syndrome can cause shoulder, arm and chest pain as well as numbness in your hand. With so many things that can go wrong due to overuse and strain, having your musculoskeletal system cared for by a professional is a must.

Signs of Increasing Stress

Generalized stress can manifest in many ways, such as:

•    Migraine or tension headaches
•    Tense muscles, such as shoulder and jaw muscles
•    Difficulty relaxing or sleeping

If you've been under more pressure than usual, even if you don't notice wrist problems or back pain, you should definitely have regular chiropractic appointments to help handle the stress and prevent injuries from developing. You might also want to consider taking up a relaxing practice such as yoga or delegating some tasks to a subordinate.

Yes, your job is important, but your health is important too. In fact, in addition to musculoskeletal problems, constant stress can lead to plenty of other health conditions such as heart problems and high blood pressure, so helping your body to relax and heal is immensely important.

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