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Fort Lauderdale Pain Management for Over 26 Years

With over 26 years in private practice, Dr. Bobker has led the effort to permanently help thousands of patients achieve a pain-free lifestyle. DCOC is a leader in the use of natural and cutting edge treatments and technology.

Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, the mission of DCOC is to provide patients with the tools necessary to achieve a pain-free lifestyle. AT the DCOC we are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to pain management.

We integrate hands-on techniques such as chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic massage, therapeutic exercise, custom foot orthotics and chiropractic physiotherapies to achieve our mission.



The cause of most musculoskeletal pain syndromes can be traced to the effect of gravity, effort and excessive strain on the human body.
At the DCOC, we recognize the importance of the human frame (skeleton), as it relates to health and how we feel. The fact is, the body is always working for us, and how we carry ourselves has much to do with how we feel. Over time, the cumulative stresses of fighting gravity and muscle overexertion result in asymmetry of the body. These misalignments irritate, fester, and pinch nerves culminating in pain and joint dysfunction (subluxation).
— Dr. Bobker
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Main Office — Pain Management in Fort lauderdale, FL

Meet Dr. Glen Bobker

Dr. Glen Bobker
Dr. Glen Bobker practices what he preaches!
Glen is an avid runner for 30 years and a master in Pilates.
Glen is excited by new technologies that assist in wellness and pain relief.
He is especially interested in non-invasive wellness procedures and policies.
Surgery is not always the first option or the right path to healing.
The DCOC offers excellent chiropractic care, but even more than that, Dr. Bobker will help you to diagnose - in a non-invasive way - how to keep health issues and potential health issues at bay. Whether through chiropractic, cold laser, posture, orthotics, supplements, exercise regimes and more – Dr. Bobker feels your pain and is a partner in relieving it.
Dr. Bobker is also a certified iMRS technician as he joins medical specialists from Dr. Oz to NASA – in an extensive knowledge of PEMF technology. This is available to try when you visit the DCOC. Please see the link here or the ienergymedicine.com site for more information on this unique and worldwide technology. PEMF/IMRS therapy is a fast growing new field, and Dr. Bobker is accredited in this technology.

State University of New York at Stony Brook: Bachelor of Arts, May 1976
New York Chiropractic College: Doctor of Chiropractic, December 1981
Past Member of Rotary Club of Shirley and the Mastics
Club Secretary for 2 terms
Club President for 1 term
Past Board Member of the Huntington's Disease Society of South Florida
Current Member of Victoria Park Civic Association

State of New York, since 1982
State of Florida, since 1994, (includes physiotherapy qualification)
Member of National Honor Society
Member of Phi Chi Omega, International Chiropractic Honor Society
Member of Broward County Chiropractic Association
Member of Florida Chiropractic Association, since 1993
Member of American Chiropractic Association
Diplomate of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Previous solo practice in Suffolk County, New York for 11 years, (August 1982-1993)
Current solo practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 1994
Comprehensive Chiropractic Managed Care Self-Assessment Program
Florida Workers' Compensation Certification
Whiplash: The Masters' Program, Spine Research Institute of San Diego
Pierce -Stillwagon
Applied Kinesiology
Annual License Renewal Seminars, since 1994

Meet The Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist—Chiropractic Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL
At the DCOC we recognize that optimal health and integrity of the soft tissue supporting structures (muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments) play an important role in how we feel and perform. It is for this reason that we are fortunate to have the expertly skilled massage therapist Joseph A. Gajnos.
While Joe is highly trained to integrate into his practice an array of multidisciplinary therapeutic massage techniques (i.e., Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myoskeletal Alignment, Sports Massage) his main focus is the safe and effective Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Virtually everyone of all ages and lifestyles can benefit from the improved wellness and performance gained by AIS's ability to gently release restricted muscles and the surrounding connective tissue called fascia.
Find out more about Joe: www.stretchawaypain.com
Joseph A. Gajnos Licensed Massage Therapist MA26003
Graduate of Florida College of Natural Medicine - 1998
Practicing since 1998 - some 17 years!
Postgraduate Training under renowned technique innovators and developers:
1) Erik Dalton where Joe learned Myoskeletal Alignment Technique
2) Aaron Mattes where Joe mastered Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Joe has studied AIS from 2000 to Present
Worked as Teaching Assistant at Aaron Mattes AIS seminars for 7 years.
Joe has traveled around the USA assisting NFL, NBA and LPGA Professional Athletes, as well as Olympians to optimize their health and athletic performance.
Advanced Postgraduate Studies in Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.