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About Us

Fort Lauderdale Pain Management for Over 26 Years

With over 26 years in private practice, Dr. Bobker has led the effort to permanently help thousands of patients achieve a pain-free lifestyle. DCOC is a leader in the use of natural and cutting edge treatments and technology.
Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, the mission of DCOC is to provide patients with the tools necessary to achieve a pain-free lifestyle. AT the DCOC we are dedicated to a comprehensive approach to pain management.
We integrate hands-on techniques such as chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic massage, therapeutic exercise, custom foot orthotics and chiropractic physiotherapies to achieve our mission.


The cause of most musculoskeletal pain syndromes can be traced to the effect of gravity, effort and excessive strain on the human body.
At the DCOC, we recognize the importance of the human frame (skeleton), as it relates to health and how we feel. The fact is, the body is always working for us, and how we carry ourselves has much to do with how we feel. Over time, the cumulative stresses of fighting gravity and muscle overexertion result in asymmetry of the body. These misalignments irritate, fester, and pinch nerves culminating in pain and joint dysfunction (subluxation).
— Dr. Bobker