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Custom Foot Orthotics for Comfort in Fort Lauderdale

Custom foot orthotics in Fort Lauderdale, Shoe inserts that are made from a mold of your feet that are prescribed to correct functional and structural foot problems. Call Today | 954-463-1166


Have you considered the pain you may be experiencing in your foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, or neck maybe caused or aggravated by the way you walk?
Feet are the foundation of the body, and for many people, pain can begin from the ground up. The feet do an incredible amount of work carrying us around each day. In your lifetime, your feet will take over 100 million steps and each step makes an impact on your body. The abnormal stresses and structural problems of your feet may be responsible for pain throughout your entire body.


Supporting You the Right Way
Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts that are made from a cast of your own feet and are prescribed to correct functional and structural foot problems.
Orthotics work on the feet in the way braces work on the teeth; by exerting constant gentle pressure to bring foot muscles and joints back into proper alignment. They effectively minimize stress forces and balance weight distribution of the entire body, thus reducing and preventing pain throughout. These appliances are made to fit comfortably in both dress, sport and athletic shoes. Orthotics should be worn by men, women, and children to provide comfort and balance in all walks of life.
ARE YOU A CANDIDATE? Can Orthotics Help You?