Therapeutic Exercise

Stretching the Lower Body — Therapeutic Exercise in Fort lauderdale, FL


Therapeutic exercise to both lengthen and strengthen the body plays an important role in supporting and stabilizing structural fitness. At the DCOC, we understand and stress the importance of patients being both strong and flexible to meet the demands of today's active lifestyle. Regular exercise helps to maintain postural health and prevent problems from developing. At the DCOC, we give personalized instruction when specific exercise is prescribed. The benefits of exercise can only be fully realized when performed properly. At the DCOC, we encourage patients to be proactive in their goal to achieve wellness by empowering them with the ability to help themselves through exercise.


We pride ourselves on taking the required time with each and every patient to meet the challenges of their specific health concerns. At the DCOC, we recognize that every patient is special with unique health needs and a unique lifestyle. In our homey environment, care is personable and people leave us feeling better than when they arrived. Treatment is affordable (credit cards are accepted) and often covered by health insurance.

Stretch Away Pain

Learn how to stretch away pain with our Massage Therapist at: